Land Reclamation and Revegetation

  • Surface Mine Land Reclamation

Pedocan has completed soil and overburden inventories, soil handling plans, assessment of agricultural capability, design of post-mine landscapes, soil and crop plot research, reclamation literature reviews.

Projects include 16 coal and oil sands mines in the mountain-foothills, northern forest and prairie regions of Western Canada.

  • Wellsite and Pipeline Reclamation

Pedocan has consulted on approximately 300 wellsite and pipeline reclamation projects. Pedocan is currently involved in all stages of site reclamation including: initial inspection of sites and facilities, reclamation plans, supervision of reclamation contractors, detailed post-construction assessments, application of reclamation certificates and attending inquiries on behalf of the client.

Pedocan's involvement with supervision and management of reclamation is to ensure regulatory compliance with associated guidelines and criteria. After reclamation has been completed Pedocan has evaluated numerous pipelines and wellsites to report on reclamation success. Recommendations are given if further work is required for the location.


Pre and Post-Construction Site Assessments

Pedocan has conducted over 300 pre-construction detailed site assessments for developments in Alberta and Saskatchewan including Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Association (PFRA) and Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food (SAF) land. Assessments consist of detailed soils, vegetation and landscape data for future construction and reclamation use and may also include mitigative erosion and reclamation recommendations for the facility.

Pedocan executes detailed reclaimed site assessments based on "Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities – 1995 update". Assessments have been conducted on over 1300 wellsites throughout Alberta and consist of detailed soils, vegetation and landscape descriptions of reclaimed wellsites and facilities.


Soil Surveys and Terrain Mapping

Pedocan has extensive experience conducting reconnaissance and detailed soil and terrain surveys and inventories. Projects include soils and surficial material inventories, mine overburden logging and sampling, ecological land classification, documentation of flood damages and salinity and erosion surveys.


Native Grassland Management and Research

Pedocan is developing methods and source plots for the economical harvesting of native grass and for seed specially selected for use in reclamation projects in the Western provinces.

Projects are focusing on erosion prevention and native ecosystem restoration in marginal and environmentally sensitive areas.


Training Courses and Manuals

Pedocan has been responsible for the writing of pipeline "Mainline Operations Best Management Practices" manuals as well as numerous reclamation and revegetation handbooks and manuals for field operations.

Pedocan has conducted courses for the Petroleum Industry Training Service, and many other short courses and training sessions for a variety of clients and applications.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Pedocan has conducted Environmental Impact Assessments in various industries. Projects include: oil and gas, forestry, surface mines, intensive livestock and transmission lines.

Projects ranged in size from small areas to large developments and often involve integrated assessments of soils, groundwater, surface water, vegetation and wildlife.


Agricultural Land Capability

Our professional agrologists have continued agricultural projects within western Canada. Projects include soil conservation, reclamation of flooded areas, agricultural development and land use planning.

Pedocan has prepared soil and water conservation plans for various municipalities and farms. We have been closely involved in site selection and manure management planning for intensive livestock operations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Pipeline Permitting and Inspection

Pedocan prepares Conservation and Reclamation plans for regulated pipelines in Alberta and provides implementation and inspection during construction and clean-up.

We have conducted numerous soil surveys of regulated and non-regulated pipeline routes; most in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


Software Applications and Information Technology

Pedocan Technology Group has developed relational database management systems to help store, organize, analyze and transfer collected information. Pedocan Family of Products include both commercial software (ETL Sampler, Soil & Land Information Manager (SLIM1), Pedocan Reclamation Manager, Wellsite Reclamation Certificate Management System) and custom applications (Pedocan Administration System).


Project Planning and Management

Pedocan specializes in general management of planning, construction, monitoring and quality control of large reclamation activities. This includes project scheduling and final project conditions.


Environmental Monitoring

Pedocan has been responsible for implementing protection measures during reclamation activities located on environmentally sensitive land.


Land Classification for Irrigation

Pedocan has conducted soil mapping, groundwater investigations, drainage feasibility evaluations and irrigation capability evaluations on major projects within Saskatchewan ranging in size from 10, 000 to 44, 000 hectares.

Pedocan has also completed Level II and III irrigation classifications in Alberta.


Soil Survey Information Service

Our pedologists have access to most available sources of soil survey and related resources information for Western Canada. We frequently assemble, interpret and package the information for specific client needs.