Our Mission

"To provide high quality and responsible service

to meet the needs of our clients."

Pedocan Land Evaluation Ltd. is a privately owned, Western Canada-based company that was incorporated in 1977. Pedocan has offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, and Winnipeg (TAEM Consultants). Servicing both western Canadian and internationally based projects. Our main clients come from a wide range of industries, including energy, agriculture, forestry and government. Pedocan has grown steadily and now employs professional and technical staff in the key areas of soil survey, irrigation and drainage, revegetation and reclamation, contaminant remediation, agronomy, farm management, forest ecology, and international development. We are also involved in environmental training of personnel and preparing environmental management manuals. The Pedocan Technology Group is actively developing innovation and powerful data management systems for resource planning and management.

To supplement our land resource consultants and technology group, Pedocan Land Evaluation Ltd. frequently teams up with associates to form project teams that fit requirements of specific projects to completely satisfy all aspects of our clients needs.